Adult Fitness


When you love working out, results come easy! Jazzercise combines elements of dance, resistance training, Pilates, yoga, kick-boxing and more to create a truly effective workout. Low impact options: get all the benefits of a regular Jazzercise class without the hop. 

Registration Deadline: 10 min. before any class
Instructor: Karen

Age: 16+ (all fitness levels welcome)


Days: Tuesday/Thursday

Time: 9:15-10:15AM


Days: Monday/Wednesday

Time: 4:50-5:50PM


Fee R/NR: $49 Monthly (Unlimited classes) OR get 10 classes for only $140!                           

Location: Terrace Centre

For more information please contact Karen directly at

708-790-6286 or

Rhythm Pilates

This class will use a method of body conditioning exercises incorporating stretching and strengthening. The postures improve flexibility and coordination, while the controlled breathing unifies the mind, body and spirit. This class is for all levels of fitness and can be modified. Ages 18+

Register one week prior

Instructor: Carol Kaye

Location: Terrace Centre

Code:      Day:   Date:           Time:                        R/NR:

5614-01  Tues   1/7-2/11       10:30-11:30am     $45/$55

5614-02  Tues  2/18-3/25    10:30-11:30am     $45/$55

5614-03  Tues  4/1-5/6       10:30-11:30am      $45/$55