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Parent-Tot Play Time

Little Club

Join The Little Club for member's on special offers
and discounts throughout the year. Joining is easy.
Complete the membership form located at the
registration desk at the Terrace Centre and pay the
appropriate annual dues.

Ages:  0-6
Location: Terrace Centre

Annual Membership Dues
Fee R/NR:  $20/$25 (per child)

Indoor Play Ground

Come check out our indoor playground! Keep your little ones active during the day by taking advantage of the Park District's Indoor Playground. There are multiple slides, a climbing wall, tree house and more to help your toddler develop their gross motor skills.

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

No supervision is provided.

Ages:  0-6
Location: Terrace Centre

Days:        Time:             Fee R/NR:
Mon-Fri    10am-3pm      $2/$3 (per child)

Parent Tot Open Gym

The Worth Park District is the perfect place to come exercise and socialize with your little ones! Kids will run, jump, and play under parental supervision in a safe and fun open space. Come explore open gym to play basketball, soccer or just run around!
Equipment is provided or bring your own!

Ages:  0-6
Location: Terrace Centre

Days:        Time:             Fee R/NR:
Mon-Fri    10am-1pm      $2/$3 (per child)

*Park District programs may take precedence over open gym*


Mighty Music Makers (mixed ages, 1-5 with Adult)

Participate with your child in singing, chanting, moving, dancing, listening and playing simple percussion instruments. Activities will bridge the natural connection between music and movement, improve listening abilities, and increase exposure and appreciation to different types of music. Class is 45 minutes and is designed for child and adult to participate in together. Register one week prior.

Ages:       1-5
Location: Terrace Centre   

Code:       Day:     Date:               Time:              Fee R/NR:

5511-02    Tue      1-5  2/27-4/9     5:00-5:45pm    $75/$80
                              *No class 3/26*
5511-03    Tue      1-5  4/23-5/28   5:00-5:45pm    $75/$80


Tot Rock & Kid Rock

This interactive class has everyone on their feet! We all learn together while engaging in active, creative, music-based activities, while using rhythm instruments and movement props. All class procedures are designed to keep staff and students safe. Activities are age appropriate by class and include songs and rhymes, rhythm and coordination, fine and gross motor, imagination and sensory, listening and following directions skills. Sing, dance, play, learn and imagine with us! All classes must be with parent. Register one week prior.

Ages:         1-3

Instructor: Rock 'n' Kids
Location:   Oak View Center, Oak Lawn Park District


Code:      Day:    Age:   Date:         Time:                 Fee R/NR:
5511-06   Thu     1yr      4/11-5/23   5:30-6:10pm     $72/$77

Code:      Day:   Age:      Date:         Time:                Fee R/NR:
5511-09   Thu     2-3yr     4/11-5/23   6:15-6:55pm    $72/$77

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