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Teen Club

Join the club and become a Teen Club Member! Come and hang out in a relaxed atmosphere after hours at The Worth Restaurant, where you can spend time with your friends, make new friends, play games or just chill. Activities will be inspired and determined by the group that may include crafts, music, movies, field trips, and more. This is a club for 6th-8th graders that gets together once a month. The fee includes supervision, snacks, board games.

All participants must be registered prior to attending. Call to join the Teen Club. 708-448-7080

Age:                11-14 (Grades 6th-8th)
Location:      Worth Restaurant/Snack Shop
Membership Fee R/NR: $5/$8*
 Day:     Dates:     Time:                   
2763-03    Thu       6/13        6:30pm-8pm
2763-03    Tue       7/23         6:30pm-8pm
2763-03    Tue       8/20         6:30pm-8pm             
*One time admission fee covers all Summer dates*

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