Teen Lock-in Night

Want to spend ALL NIGHT hanging out with your friends?! Now you can! The fun starts at 8pm and ends at 8am. There will be a DJ with games, snacks, pizza at midnight, breakfast in the morning, a movie, hide and seek & flashlight tag and much more! Bring your sleeping bags if you think you can’t last all night! This will be a great event for you and all your friends to hang out.

Registration Deadline: One week before program starts
Age:                10-14
Location:       Terrace Centre

Code:        Day:              Date:            Time:            Fee R/NR:
5763-01   Tue-Wed     1/3-1/4        8pm-8am      $30/35


Parent vs. Kids Night

It’s time to settle the argument of who would win the kids or the parents! There is nothing better than some friendly competition with your parents. The games will be held at Worth Junior High. We will have different sports you get to compete in and see who's the best. Come out and see who gets the bragging rights in the house!!

Registration Deadline: One week before program starts
Age:                10+
Instructor:   Soccer Shots
Location:      Session 1 & 2: Terrace Centre
                         Session 3 & 4: Gale Moore Park

Code:        Day:     Date:     Time:    Sport:            Fee R/NR:
5207-01   Wed     3/8        6-8pm   Volleyball     $5/$8 per person
5207-02   Wed     4/12     6-8pm   Badminton    $5/$8 per person
5207-03   Wed     5/10     6-8pm   Pickleball      $5/$8 per person

Kids Playing Volleyball