Flag Football

This class is designed to increase skill level

and overall knowledge of the game! Speed and agility

drills will be used to help with balance, lateral and linear movements, and explosiveness from a set

stance. Footwork and balance are extremely 

important for every position on the field, and will be

worked on in every class. Quarterback, running back

line play and receiving will be focused on as well. 

Also, defensive tactics will be worked on. 

There will be NO tackling!

Ages: 7-12

Registration Deadline: One week prior

Instructor: All Start Sports Instruction

                 Code:       Day:   Date:          Time:    R/NR:

                 2152-02  Wed   7/14-8/11 5-6pm  $55/$60

         *Class is held at Peaks Park, 107th & Oak Park Ave



Basketball Skills

The All Star basketball trainers will focus on individual

skills as well as team play!

Each session will begin with speed and agility drills that will enhance each players ability to get up and down the court quickly, generate change of direction, and cover ball handling, proper shooting,

technique and footwork.

Small sided competitions and game play will enable each player to focus and work on learned skills.

Ages: 7-12

Registration Deadline: One week prior

Instructor: All Star Sports Instruction

                  Code:       Day:  Date:          Time:    R/NR:

                  2132-02  Wed  7/14-8/11 6-7pm  $55/$60                 





Soccer Skills
This class is designed with speed and agility drills to improve each players ability for a more powerful shot, increased range on the field, and efficient change of direction. All basic skills of dribbling, shooting, passing and spacing will be covered and expanded upon. Players will also learn the importance of movement away from the ball and the importance of each position through game situations. Please bring a water bottle, shin guards and a soccer ball (size 4) to class.
Ages: 7-12
Registration Deadline: One week prior
Instructor: All Start Sports Instruction


Code:         Day:    Date:           Time:      R/NR:
2112-07   Wed    6/2-6/30    4-5pm    $55/$60 
2112-08   Wed    7/14-8/11  4-5pm   $55/$60
  *Class is held at Peaks Park, 107th & Oak Park Avenue*

Soccer Player

Nerf Gun Wars!
Put your skills to the test with an evening of different challenges! There will be target practice first with your own nerf gun to get ready for the big nerf gun competition. Be the last one standing and you win a prize! Nerf competitions are not the only event of the night. There will also be a capture the flag
game. Tell your friends and come out and face off in these events!
Ages: 10-15
Registration Deadline: One week prior


Code:         Day:   Date:   Time:            R/NR:
2763-01   Tue     7/27     6-7:30pm    $15/$20


South Suburban Fall Basketball League
This is a co-op league with Blue Island Park District. The league is designed for participants to utilize fundamental skills of basketball in game situations. A VOLUNTEER head coach will provide instruction on basketball fundamentals in a positive and fun environment. The head coach, staff, and referees will be reinforcing skills that have been taught and developed during games.
In addition to the focus on basketball skills, the program offers children the opportunity to interact with both peers and coaches, learn good sportsmanship and how to work as part of a team. This 10 week season will include 8 weeks of regular season play and 2 weeks of playoffs/championship games. Practices will begin the last week of September at the coaches discretion.
*PLEASE NOTE: If divisions do not fill up, they may be combined to co-ed to make enough teams.
Code:        Age:          Game Day:       Game Time:       Date:              R/NR:
3322-01  6-7yrs       Saturday           9am-2pm          10/2-12/4     $65/$75
3322-02  8-7yrs       Saturday           9am-2pm          10/2-12/4     $65/$75
3322-03 10-11yrs   Saturday           9am-2pm          10/2-12/4     $65/$75
3322-04  12-13yrs  Saturday           9am-2pm          10/2-12/4     $65/$75         
3322-05  14-15yrs  Saturday           9am-2pm          10/2-12/4     $65/$75

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