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  • 1966 – A 5-acre parcel of land was donated by contractor, Wayne Peak, which is known today at Peak's Park located at 107th and Oak Park Ave.

  • 1967 – The village turned over 2 half-acre parcels to the park district, which later became known as Worthwoods Park, at 109th & Oketo and Penny Park, at Home Ave. & Normandy. Penny Park was named for the early promise given to tax payers that the park district would only cost them pennies each year. Also a 2-car garage was given as a gift to the park and moved to Peak's which was then converted into a three-room community building known today as the Helen Goy Community Center.

  • 1970 – The triangular piece of land across the street from Peak's Park was purchased and is now used as our Maintenance Garage. A 5-acre wooded tract of land located at 109th and Nordica was also purchased. It was dedicated to the memory of Gale Moore in 1974.

  • 1975 – 1976 – Development of Smile, at 114th & Neenah; Stahlak, at 112th & Natchez; and Altman Parks took place along with the maintenance of 3 ball fields at Worthwoods School. The Altman Park had been just south of the Terrace Center where the village-owned ball fields are today.

  • 1977 – Baldwin Park, at 109th & Nashville, was donated by Jack Baldwin in honor of his son.

  • 1982 – The park district signed a lease with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District for a 13-acre parcel of land for a period of 39 years. The park, located at 116th and Oak Park, was named after Frank Homerding in 1983.

  • 1985 – Worth Terrace School, located at 11500 Beloit, was purchased. It was renamed the Charles M. Christensen Terrace Centre in 1989.

  • 1990 – The official name of the park district was changed from Worth-Palos Park District to Worth Park District. The popular Recreation After School (RAS) program began. The football field at Peaks Park was named the Harold Choot Field.

  • 1993 – The Veterans Memorial Park, at 111th & Harlem, was unveiled.

  • 1995 – The first Worth Park District Historical Museum was opened at the Terrace Centre. The Board of Commissioners also formed the Worth Historical Society.

  • 2004 – A new Historical Museum was opened. The Department of Natural Resources Illinois State Museum's Public Museum Capital Grant primarily funded the expansion.

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