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Facility & Rental Information

Terrace Centre Rentals

The Terrace Centre offers an enjoyable atmosphere for groups to host meetings, events and a variety of family gatherings including birthdays, bridal and baby showers and more!

Room rates include set-up, tables, and chairs.

All guests are required to follow all guidelines provided by the CDC.

Alcohol is permitted with proper paperwork and fees.

For more information, contact the front office at 708-448-7080,

or by email at

Regular Facility Hours:    Monday-Friday 9 AM - 5 PM

Additional Rental Hours:  Monday-Friday 5 PM - 10 PM and

                                      Saturday-Sunday 9 AM - 12 AM


  • All rentals require at least 2 weeks prior to booking and need to be paid in full 10 business days before the rental. 

  • A $100 security deposit is due at the time of booking to ensure the date/time. If you cancel at any time, the deposit is nonrefundable. 

  • This deposit will be reimbursed within 40 days of the rental date. 

  • Liquor license is non-refundable and is also due at the time of booking.

Gym Rental for Parties  (up to 175 people)

$120.00 per hour (R) - $ 145.00 per hour (NR)

Gym Rental for Sports Organizations:

$30.00 per hour (R) - $60.00per hour (NR)

A minimum 2-hour rental is required.

Single Room (40 people)

$60.00 per hour (R) - $85.00 per hour (NR)

Double Room (up to 80 people)

$80.00 per hour (R) - $105.00 per hour (NR)

Triple Room  (up to 120 people)
$100.00 per hour (R) - $125.00 per hour (NR)

Room 102 (up to 72 people)

$80.00 per hour (R) - $105.00 per hour (NR)


$50.00 flat fee (R) - $75.00 flat fee (NR)



*Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Sports Party Package

Floor Hockey, Dodgeball, Wiffleball, Basketball, & Soccer. Equipment is provided.EE

  • $120 Resident - $145 Non-Resident

    • 2 hours anytime during your rental

    • Up to 12 Players

      • $10 Each Additional Players

      • 20 Players Maximum

Nerf Party Package

Includes darts, safety goggles and obstacles.
You must bring your own nerf guns.
We supply darts that are standard
size and work well with the Nerf N-Strike Elite Series.EE

  • $150 Resident - $175 Non-Resident

    • 2 hours anytime during your rental

    • Up to 12 Players

      • $10 Each Additional Player

      • 20 Players Maximum


Facility & Park Rental
Information Pamphlet

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Gale Moore Park Pavilion Rental Information
If you are looking for a wonderful park setting to host an outdoor function, take a look at the pavilion at Gale Moore Park.
The pavilion holds up to 50 people and is available for the Spring, Summer, Fall seasons!

Picnic Tables, Electricity are provided.
You are responsible for securing a Port-o-Potty for the day of your rental.
Please call  708-448-7080 for more information,
or email 

$150.00 Resident Rate for the day
$175.00 Non-Resident Rate for the day 

All rentals Require a $100 Deposit

Photo of Gale Moore Park Pavilion

Athletic Field Fees & Information:

Fields Available:

__ Peaks Park Soccer Field               __ Peaks Park Softball Field 1/Field 2

__ Peaks Park Volleyball Court 1       __ Peaks Park Volleyball Court 2

__ Gale Moore Soccer Field               __ Gale Moore Softball Field

__ Homerding Soccer Field - Small     __ Homerding Soccer Field Large

Field Maintenance Deposit: (due at time of reservation)           $ 250.00

Field Striping Fee (per occurrence)                                         $ 20.00                  

Lights                                                                                   $ 20.00/hour

Payment in full is due prior to the first scheduled day of each month.

If you need to cancel/change a day, please call 708-448-7080 and leave a voicemail or

email BEFORE your practice/game time or

you will not receive a credit/refund for that day.

   Rental Rates - Practices:

  • Soccer/Football:         $20/hour for residents                $30/hour for non-residents

  • Softball (unprepared): $20/hour for residents                $30/hour for non-residents        

  • Volleyball:                   $20/hour for residents                $30/hour for non-residents    

   Rental Rates - Games:

  • Soccer/Football:      $40/game per field for residents   $50/game per field for non-residents

  • Softball (prepared):  $40/hour for residents                 $50/hour for non-residents

  • Volleyball:                $20/hour for residents                 $30/hour for non-residents  


*Please allow at least 3 working days for confirmation or denial of application.

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