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Happy Children Sledding in Snow

Kids Day Out

Each day off of school will be planned with different field trips and the chance to hang out with your friends. Join the Park District’s “Kids Day Out” program for a day of entertainment and fun. Each field trip fee includes transportation, party package, and lunch. Additional money for extra tokens or ride coupons may be brought if desired, but are at the responsibility of the child. Field Trips are subject to change.

Registration Deadline: One week before program starts
Ages:          5-12
Time:          7am-6pm (children will be off premise from 9am-4pm)
Location:   Terrace Centre
Fee R/NR:  $45/$50 per day

Code         Day     Date     Trip              
5052-01   Mon    1/16    Sledding         
5052-02   Mon    2/20    Ice Skating
5052-03   Tue      4/4      Bowling
5052-04   Fri       4/7      Safari Land

Mini Camps

Let us plan the fun for your break from school! We have all day childcare available. Children will participate in various activities such as crafts, games, relaxation, and field trips (weather permitting). An afternoon snack will be provided for the extended hours of 4-6pm. Please bring a lunch, water bottle, gym shoes and a change of clothes with your child every day.

Registration Deadline: One week before program starts
Age:               3-12
Location:     Terrace Centre
Fees R/NR:  9am-4pm - $35/$40 per day
                        7am-9am - $10/$15 per day
                        4pm-6pm - $10/$15 per day

Code             Dates
5042-02      Mar 27-Mar 31 (Mon-Fri)   

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