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Park Rules

For everyone's safety and benefit, we ask all park users to adhere to these rules and restrictions:

  • Parks will open at 6 a.m. and close at 9 p.m.

  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on Park District property.

  • Playground equipment is intended for the use of children 12 years and younger.

  • Motorized vehicles are not allowed beyond designated roads and parking areas.

  • Golfing within the park is not permitted.

  • Pets are allowed in the parks. All pets must be leashed at all time. Owners are required to clean up all waste from their pets.

  • Cooking is allowed on barbeque grills only. Hot coals must be extinguished and removed from the area, unless a container is provided on site. Open fires are not allowed.

  • Please observe all posted park regulations.


Picnic Shelter Rental Rules

  • All garbage must be bagged and disposed of in receptacles provided. If garbage cans will not be adequate for disposal, it is the renter's responsibility to provide the necessary materials to dispose of the trash properly.

  • Parking is allowed in designated parking areas only.

  • Any disruptive activity, obnoxious behavior or loud noise will not be permitted and could result in cancellation of the event.

  • No motorized vehicles are allowed on grass or pathways. This includes unloading of supplies and any event set-up that is required.

  • A full list of our Shelter Rules and Regulations will be provided with your Permit Request.

Skate Park Rules

  • CAUTION- Inline skating and skateboarding are high risk recreational activities with inherent risks of serious injury.

  • The Skate Park is an unsupervised area and participants use the equipment at their own risk.

  • Skaters are responsible for inspecting equipment prior to use to ensure that it has not been vandalized and are safe for skating. Do not use equipment if broken or wet.

  • It is required that proper protective equipment such as helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, etc. be used during skating activities.

  • No personally owned ramps, boxes or other devices may be brought into the facility.

  • Persons not skating are prohibited from using the skating structures.

  • Persons on Bicycles are only permitted on established days or when the Skate Park is free of skateboarders. (See Day Schedule)

  • Glass objects and containers are not allowed in the skating area.

  • Please be courteous of other users.

Sled Hills Rules

  • All Worth Park District Sled Hills close at dark. 

  • No alcohol is allowed on park site grounds. 

  • Defacement or damage to public signage and property is strictly prohibited. 

  • Usage of sled hills is at patrons' own risk. 

  • Parents are responsible for supervising their own children. 

  • There is no supervision or attendant staffed at sled hills, users shall assume full risk and responsibility for any injury.

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Worth Park District General Use Regulations 

Please contact the Worth Park District if equipment requires attention or is damaged at 708-448-7080

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