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Tot Lot Preschool

Worth Park District

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Our developmental, all-inclusive program features curriculum and group play that is designed to prepare your child for kindergarten, making the transition as comfortable as possible.

Children will also participate in programs that will encourage fitness awareness and improve motor skill development.

Enrollment Also Includes:

  • Opportunity for social interaction

  • Outdoor Playground on site

  • Gymnasium on site

  • Field Trips

  • Computerized Whiteboards

  • Monthly Newsletters

  • Fun and Energetic Staff

  • Safe environment for your child to learn and play


  • Children must be out of pull-ups and diapers. Fully potty trained.

  • All proper paperwork must be filled out completely

  • A copy of child's birth certificate and current vaccination records are required at registration

  • First month's tuition is due at sign up

  • Children must be the appropriate age as of September 1, 2022


3 year old Class (must turn 3 on or before 9/1/22)

Program provides activities in an environment that will ease the parent/child separation.

Dates:      Dec 1, 2022 - May 11, 2023

Code        Days              Time                 Fee R/NR

4011-02   Tues & Thur   9am-2:00pm    $775/$807

*First payment due at time of registration
Monthly                  Quarterly
First Payment         First Payment
$155/$161              $300/$312

Monthly R/NR               Quarterly R/NR
Dec      $155/$161         Jan $300/$313
Jan      $155/$161          Mar $300/$313
Feb     $155/$161
Mar     $155/$162
Apr     $155/$162

4 year old Class (must turn 4 on or before 9/1/22)

Program exposes child to a variety of cognitive activities and projects while building find motor skills in preparing them for kindergarten.

Dates:     Dec 2, 2022 - May 12, 2023

Code       Days                Time                 Fee R/NR

4011-04   Mon-Wed-Fri   9am-2:00pm    $1,057/$1,089

*First payment due at time of registration
Monthly                      Quarterly
First Payment             First Payment
$211/$217                   $412/$425

Monthly R/NR            Quarterly R/NR
Dec        $211/$217    Jan $413/$425
Jan        $211/$218     Mar $413/$425
Feb        $211/$218
Mar       $212/$218
Apr        $212/$218

Please note: There will be a $25 late fee per week if payments are missed.
***Monthly payments include $5 service charge for each payment***

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