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HIIT with Liz
HIIT stand for "high intensity interval training". During this class we will work through intense bursts of cardio and dumbbell-based strength training then follow with short periods of rest! HIIT is exciting, challenging, motivating and will be sure to torch calories and burn fat! Your metabolism will get a boost and you will continue to burn fat even after the class is over!
Register one week prior.
Ages:        12+ (under 18 needs to be accompanied by an adult)

Location:  Terrace Centre

Code:        Day:     Date:                Time:                 Fee:
2614-03   Tue       7/16-8/13      6:30-7:30pm       $50
3614-01   Tue       8/20-9/24      6:30-7:30pm       $60


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20/20/20 will burn those calories away and increase your fitness level in no time! This class will focus on three 20-min segments each focusing on a different format. From Tabata to Booty Band Training to Cardio to Strength Training, this class will keep you motivated and energized as we utilize different equipment and different formats for the ultimate workout!
Register one week prior. 
Ages:         12+ (under 18 needs to be accompanied by an adult)

Location:   Terrace Centre

Code:         Day:      Date:              Time:                Fee:
2614-06    Thu       7/18-8/15      6:30-7:30pm     $50
3614-04    Thu       8/22-9/26      6:30-7:30pm     $60

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Come build and work your body in Bootcamp! During this enthusiastic class we will build cardiovascular endurance, strength, and fitness by utilizing multiple fitness formats such as HIIT, circuit training, plyometrics and more! Dumbbells and kettlebells and bands will be used for this heart-pounding and fun workout!
Register one week prior.
Ages:         1
2+ (under 18 needs to be accompanied by an adult)
Location:  Terrace Centre

Code:         Day:     Date:                Time:            Fee:
2614-09    Sat       7/20-8/17        10-11am      $50
3614-07    Sat       8/24-9/28        10-11am      $60

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