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Yoga, Brunch, and Mimosas
Feeling tired? Burnt out?? Maybe you just need some quality “Me” time? Then you're just the person we are looking for! Join us in solidarity as we experience the art of Restorative Yoga. Restorative Yoga was created to breathe life back into the individual whose physical and mental health has been tarnished from the stress of modern-day life. It has become a powerful platform for people to share their experience, strength, and hope. Come and enjoy what millions of others have already experienced. Learn how to restore the mind and body with a professional who will help guide you every step of the way. The healing doesn’t stop there though! After the yoga segment, come and join us for some Brunch and Mimosas! We understand that food can be just as healing as yoga, so we took Health and Nutrition to the next level by combining a little self-indulgence. We will have prepared a delicious breakfast buffet followed by our signature Mimosas to complete our restoration process. You won’t want to miss out.
Bring your own mat. Class will be held outside if there is good weather.

Register one week prior
Ages: 21+

Code:        Day:     Date:    Time:                  Fee R/NR:

2754-02   Sat       6/3      11:30am-1pm    $50/$55
2754-03   Sat       7/1      11:30am-1pm    $50/$55
2754-04   Sat       8/5      11:30am-1pm    $50/$55

Vinyasa Yoga
This Vinyasa Yoga class is for all levels of fitness whether you have never done yoga, or consider yourself
to be an experienced ‘Yogi.’ This class will help you master the connection of mind and body through a
series of yoga poses. You will be guided by a professional who will instill confidence within you and give
you the tools necessary to be successful in your practice. Yoga offers many benefits that can increase the
quality of life such as better posture, greater range of motion, and increased strength. You will walk onto
your mat, turn the rest of the world off, and rejuvenate the mind and body.

Register one week prior
Ages: 18+

Code:        Day:      Date:               Time:             Fee R/NR:

2644-01   Mon      6/12-7/10      10-11am       $75/$80
2644-02   Mon      6/12-7/10      4-5pm           $75/$80
2644-03   Fri         6/16-7/14      10-11am       $75/$80
2644-04   Fri         6/16-7/14      4-5pm           $75/$80

2644-05   Mon      7/17-8/14      10-11am       $75/$80
2644-06   Mon      7/17-8/14      4-5pm           $75/$80
2644-07   Fri         7/21-8/18      10-11am       $75/$80
2644-08   Fri         7/21-8/18      4-5pm           $75/$80 

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