Animal Explorers
The animals living in our backyards or in our towns are very different from the animals in other parts of the world. In Snapology's Animal Explorers class, students will learn where animals live and why an animal's habitat is important for survival. Through stories, games, and building animals with DUPLO blocks, your little learner will be busy exploring biomes of the world while gaining critical social and developmental skills without even realizing it! Register one week prior.
Ages: 3-5
Location: Session 1: Community Activity Center,                                                                                  Palos Hills
                   Session 2: Worth Park District, Terrace                                                                                          Centre
Code:        Day:    Date:          Time:        Fee: 
2751-01   Sat      6/4-6/25   9-10am    $70
2751-02   Sat      7/16-8/6   9-10am    $70

Come join is as we bring Minecraft to life using LEGO bricks. Create your world, including animals, creepers, and your very own Minecraft character.
This program takes Minecraft gameplay and makes it super educational! Children learn valuable architectural design and spatial building skills, but they participate in team projects to enhance communication skills, team work, and problem solving skills! 
Ages: 6-10
Location: Session 1: Community Activity Center,                                                                                 Palos Hills
                   Session 2: Worth Park District, Terrace                                                                                         Centre
Code:        Day:    Date:          Time:                       Fee: 
2752-01   Sat      6/4-6/25   10:15-11:15am    $70
2751-02   Sat      7/16-8/6   10:15-11:15am    $70